Recruitment Process Outsourcing   

Our solution is to give you what you need, not what we have to sell.  Choose from our technology , best practices, process design,implementation management, and talent acquisition management.  We can:

  • Drive process with more control over hiring   
  • Reduce hiring costs and the strain on internal resources  
  • Provide a clear process/path that includes current employees in the search for talent  
  • Eliminate points of failure and duplication of effort  
  • Have the scale to meet fluctuating staffing needs  
  • Improve the hiring manager and the candidate experience   
  • Minimize the impact on productivity by reducing days to hire   
  • Regulate and lower new hire spending   
  • Expedite on-boarding   
  • Implement a defined, streamlined and automated hiring process   
  • Improve the quality of new hires by utilizing screening procedures to ensure the best talent from an expanded pool of candidates   
  • Manage staffing process to performance metrics   
  • Employment branding   

You can still use your current recruiting partners, so you do not have all of your eggs in one basket. We assume responsibility for managing the recruiting and hiring process, or share this responsibility with your in-house resources. We can also assume full responsibility for all of your staffing operations, including recruiting and executive search. You choose the tools, expertise and resources that fit your business . . . not us.

The Right Tools For The Job    

Examples of what we can provide are:            

  • A corporate-wide employment system that links to all subsidiaries, divisions and business units  
  • Web-accessible positions and a dedicated ATS (Applicant Tracking System) 
  • An automated e-mail headcount requisition approval process    
  • Candidates apply directly to the ATS database   
  • Collect candidate information (EEO, etc.) to meet Federal compliance requirements  
  • Rate and screen candidates   
  • Manage the hiring process for external hires, internal transfers and contract positions  
  • Manage your Employee Referral Program   
  • Create a searchable recruiting database   
  • Manage social network sites   
  • Short implementation process   
  • Secure platform   
  • Consultation with the hiring manager, to ensure you attract the right fit from your postings   
  • Creating company Web site links to the ATS database   
  • Reference checks  
  • Interview scheduling  
  • Offer letter and package approval and generation  
  • Consolidated candidate background check, drug screen and financial reporting  
  • Manage the candidate on-boarding process  
  • Vendor management  
  • Dynamic management reporting  
  • Dedicated support  

Contact us to find out more about how we can help improve your hiring experiences.