The company is your customer

The model for today's employer-employee relationship. Make better career choices as an employee, supplier and partner.

10 questions a posting description must answer

Just like technical papers cannot replace marketing literature, position descriptions are not the correct tool to attract the best candidates.

Finding the right fit

Clarifying the ambiguity of a company's culture and potential can be next to impossible if you do not know where to look.

What a resume can tell you about a person

Most resumes describe basic chronology of a candidate's career path. But, that piece of paper can tell you so much more about a person.

Resume: getting noticed

Your resume is your ticket to the interview.  It better be good . . . make that very good.

Top-grading references

The hiring dilemma is how do you judge someone’s not-yet-realized potential, let alone explain it or convince anyone that it exists. 

Interview prep

There are two objectives at every interview: to get information critical to your decision to move forward; and making certain the company knows that you are the right fit.

Candidate multi-criteria selection matrix

A critical-to-hire decision matrix.  Accurate hiring depends on the interview team knowing and agreeing on the nature and level of all critical skills required.

Resignation & Counter Offers

Leave without burning bridges.