We know talent. The challenge is hanging on to it.

RFR (Right Fit Recruiting) Search Group was founded upon the principle of finding the right fit for every position - for both the client company and the candidate. It is imperative the candidate’s knowledge, skills, expertise and experience match the company's requirements and expectations, and it is equally important the opportunity match with the candidate’s goals, desires and abilities. This approach adds value to both the company and the candidate, and increases the probability for a long-term relationship between the company and their new employee. On average, the candidates whom we have placed are still with our client companies over 3 ½ years after we have placed them.

Our screening process involves determining what the candidate likes, dislikes, their career goals and aspirations. Also key are the personal aspects of a candidate’s life that influence their ability to be fully engaged in the business. Our initial screening process takes between 1 to 3 hours, followed by additional sessions. All candidates we present are a match for the opportunity and have been fully vetted.

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